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Dry dock repairs: 3 ways a line boring machine can help


With a tight turnaround, large repairs and clients losing revenue every day the vessel is dry docked, the repair process isn’t always easy for maintenance teams.

The reliance upon the team, as well as their machinery is huge, meaning any issues or downtime for their tooling could delay proceedings - resulting in lost revenue for all parties.

Choosing multi-tasking machines

To meet the high standards of reliability and quality, repair firms should look towards Mirage’s range of portable machine tooling which is used across the shipbuilding, oil and gas, nuclear and other energy industries.

Specialised in providing bespoke solutions for tight access areas, as well as general technical machining for ships and submarines, Mirage’s machines can offer high reliability and quality whilst being able to complete more than one repair project.

The line boring machine for dry dock repairs is just one example of this multi-tasking approach. Here’s 3 ways it can help you repair a vessel:

1 - Engine line boring

Varying dimensions within the industry means engine line boring can be a lengthy process compared to other applications.

Whether you need to bore the vessel for new housing, propeller work, or install a new engine – the line boring machine can help complete the job swiftly and accurately.

2 – Engine alignment

Deep-routed repairs and vessel conversions can certainly crank up the time spent working on a repair.

Whilst the line boring machine can assist you to bore the area required, it can also help to achieve engine alignment, even in the most challenging dimensions.

3 – A-frame alignment

Re-balancing the vessel as part of your repair works has been made easier with the introduction of laser alignment equipment in the industry.

A-frame alignment has now also been made easier by Mirage with the introduction of the line boring machine which can work to within tight tolerances – and is configured to accept laser alignment targets for greater accuracy.

An asset to invest in

Due to the flexibility and consistency you will get from the tooling, the line boring machine will become an asset worth investing in for your business.

As well as engine line boring, engine alignment and a-frame alignment, the machine can also help you:

  • Repair stern tubes
  • Opposing bore applications such as boom pin applications
  • Transfer gearbox housing reboring
  • Drive shaft housing boring

For more information on how Mirage can help, download the free Line Boring buyers guide here, or get in touch with our expert team by clicking here.

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