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Cutting a 32” diameter steel pipe using a portable heavy-duty band saw


Above: Watch the video showing a band saw cut on a 32" diameter steel test piece.

Proving the performance of the BS3248 (32 - 48") Portable Band Saw

Purchasing a large heavy-duty portable bandsaw is considered by many to be a major investment. So before placing an order, a customer should have complete confidence that the machine will perform to expectations, and if possible, see for themselves that it’s the right fit for their own specific application.

To make this happen, Mirage is often asked to carry out test cuts to demonstrate a machine’s capabilities. A recent example shows the Mirage BS3248 Portable Band Saw which you can see in action in the above video, with technical details also provided below.

Test piece specification

  • 800mm (32”) Diameter pipe
  • 40mm Wall thickness 
  • Material: S275 mild steel  

Feeds and speeds

  • Blade speed: 50 metres per minute
  • Feed rate: 20mm per minute
  • Cutting time: 40 minutes

Equipment used

  • Mirage BS3248 (32 - 48") Portable Band Saw
  • Carbide tipped blade (see image below)
  • Hydraulic power pack


Above: Bandsaw blade used for the test cut

The BS3842

With a clamping range from 32.0 - 48.0", the BS3848 portable band saw is the largest of the three band saws in the Mirage line-up. It can be used for a wide range of tubular severance applications and is commonly used in the oil and gas sector, for cutting conductors, caissons and multiple grouted strings. The machines are mainly used topside, but can also be configured for use with an ROV for subsea applications. The design includes a fast mounting system and machines can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

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