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Coupling test cut using a portable boring machine


Mirage portable machine tools are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for a range on in-situ machining applications. But occasionally, our customers are faced with very specific and challenging projects that require modification of  a standard machine. This video shows one recent example, where a HT60 drilling machine was adapted to increase the bore diameter within a coupler.

Test cut details

  • Increase the bore within a coupler from 62mm to 72mm diameter
  • Rough cut finish - in preparation for a subsequent finishing cut
  • Blind bore to a depth of 200mm
  • Machine to auto stop and retract when correct bore reached
  • Test piece material EN24

The solution

  • Modified Mirage HT60VF drilling machine (named the HT60-CBR)
  • Hydraulic power pack: PP13 with CNC controller programmed to auto-stop and retract at specified depth
  • Komet cutter with ABS® connection
  • Feed pressure: 14 bar
  • Spindle pressure: 37 bar
  • 96 RPM


  • Operation achieved in just 1 pass
  • Duration of cut: 25 minutes
  • Correct depth in blind bore achieved, with cutter retracting automatically as planned

Specifications of the standard HT60VF

This versatile, portable, drilling and boring machine is designed primarily for heavy duty drilling and stud removal applications. The design incorporates a variable auto feed gearbox and it can be bolted directly to the work piece, or attached using an optional switch magnetic base.

  • Maximum drill diameter 6”
  • 5MT spindle accepts standard drills & tooling
  • Variable auto feed: 0 – 32mm per minute
  • Hand feed: 2.5m per revolution

To enquire about this standard machine or discuss your need for an adaptation, please get in touch with your regional contact here

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