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Important considerations before buying a hot tapping machine

Mirage Machines High Pressure Hot Tapping Machine

Industrial hot tapping processes are complex precedures that require detailed planning and activity workflows, not to mention ensuring all safety aspects have been accounted for. Finding an appropriate machine is just one thing to consider amongst many although it is not something to be skimmed over. Consider the following points before making your next hot tapping machine investment.

What is the pipeline diameter?

The first thing you'll need to know is the size of the pipes that are going to be hot tapped as this will limit your choice of machines. Each hot tapping machine will come with working range for the pipelines they can operate on with some machines designed to hot tap smaller pipelines and some machines designed specifically for larger pipelines.

If you know the machine is only going to be used for a specific pipeline size then it should be easy to quickly find the machine you need (download our hot tapping machine buyers guide for more information). You may find that the machine is going to be used for a range of pipeline sizes, in which case it is better to buy a hot tapping machine with as wide a machining range as possible.

Manual or auto feed

Some hot tapping machine tools, such as the HTM150, have manual drive and feeds. These machines are lightweight and suitable for single person operation, having been designed with applications within the utilities industry in mind.

Other machines have automatic drives and feeds. These machines are typically for larger applications although the feed requirements will depend on the application. You will want to consider whether the feed and drive for you requirements will be manual or auto. If you are unsure of your requirements, contact our technical sales engineers who will be happy to assist.

One man job?

With smaller pipeline intervention jobs there will be circumstances where the job can be carried out by one man, often within the utilities industry. These jobs invariably come with lower risk than oil and gas pipelines and the operations should be less complex.

Where one man hot tapping operations are deemed to be suitable, it is still important that standard health and safety procedures be followed. This is particularly important when it comes to manual handling and safe handling limits. Our HTM100 has been specially designed to be suitable for one man hot tapping operations within the utilities industry.

Is renting a hot tapping machine an option?

As a project manager with an OpEx budget, investing in a hot tapping machine for the sake of one project may not make sense. Whether the project requires a high-pressure, subsea capable hot tapping machine or a small manual feed hot tapping machine for the utilities industry, there are multiple options when it comes to hot tapping machine rental. Find out more about hot tapping machine rental through Mirage Machines.

Download the Mirage Machines Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide

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