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Completing a vessel plate weld and vessel nozzle weld profile project


A project requiring vessel welding took Mirage Machines to Saudi Arabia to complete a recent job.

The client required nozzle weld profiles as well as vessel plate welding meaning machining was required to complete the jobs within tight dimensions and at an unorthodox angle.

Plate weld preparation


For the plate weld part of the project, the client required a machine that worked on a 37.5 degree weld prep and J prep on plates used for pressure vessel manufacture.

Up to 120mm thick and made of carbon steel, the 12ft long and 8ft wide plates were already being prepared by hand - a machine was required to quickly mount the rolled and welded steel and align the machine before fixing them using magnets.


Mirage supplied a standard 2 axis MR3000 milling machine and a 40" swivel milling spindle to allow straight bevels of 37.5 degree and also J preps to be machined with a round inserted tool and 4 off mounting magnets spaced over the 3m bed.


The machine massively cut the time for plate preparation from 26 to 4 hours and removed all handling operations heightening safety. It also complied with new QHSE legislation governing hand grinding.

Vessel nozzle weld profiles


Large vessels with heavy schedule pipes required holes and weld preparations to be made for the nozzles.

A prep would be traditionally flame cut and then hand ground to the required angle or profile. Mirage Machines developed a system to mechanically cut the weld profile on the vessel.


Mirage used a VNWP1000 weld prep tool with magnetic clamping however since the project, the company are now working on an autonomous CNC gantry milling system to cut and prep the hole.

Mirage are also working on features including:

  • PC software controlled with user friendly program interface
  • Industrial standard servo driven axis controls
  • No requirement for flame cutting
  • Quick chain clamp mounting
  • Work at any angle operation
  • Covers any nozzle diameter up to 1m in any vessel diameter
  • Profile tools available for J' preps


For the weld prep the mechanical machines was mounted onto vessel using the magnetic feet and the cutter was stepped manually down in 8mm steps and successfully rotated with the head - enabling an impressive 95% completion of the profile.

Mirage has created many bespoke machines enabling their clients to carry out projects more efficiently. If your next project requires specific tooling, get in touch with Mirage Machines to see how they can help.

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