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Client focus: Completing offshore projects with Claxton Engineering


Working together with Claxton Engineering, Mirage has provided a number of specialist portable machine tool solutions for complex offshore projects.

A recent example being the commission of a subsea drilling and pinning machine, used for the removal of a redundant well conductor in the North Sea.

Project details

The machine allowed the redundant conductor to support its own weight when being lifted off the seabed, with a unique drill bit that doubled as the pin to ensure that the internal casings would bear the weight of the conductor.

The combined drill bit and pin uses 4-in. diameter, high-tensile-strength steel designed to withstand 100 t of force.

The cutting angle on the face of the bit is lower than normal, as, when acting as the pin, its ends need to be as flush as possible to the outside wall of the conductor.

This exciting new technology offers a safe, efficient way of working in difficult subsea conditions.

Other projects

Another joint project of a new slitting saw for use within the removal of weathered wellhead flange bolts as part of a current SNS abandonment campaign Claxton is carrying out for a major operator.

The Mirage MBS355H slitting saw, which we featured on our Facebook page (above), reduced the severing of seized bolts by 85% to 6 minutes per stud through its fully enclosed cutting operation; satisfying HS&E concerns previously raised through formerly using pneumatic hand tools. Axial feed was provided by the operator.

Mirage and the subsea industry

Mirage provides full sales and rental support for the Mirage range of products including flange facing, hot tapping, linear milling, and drilling & tapping.

The Mirage Subsea range offers machining for casing pin drills, casing cutting and casing threading as well as the following applications:

  • Well head valve drilling
  • Subsea machining
  • Anode doubler plate removal
  • Single pile cutting
  • High pressure hot tapping
  • Casing pressure relief
  • Platform decommissioning
  • Motor mount milling
  • Subsea RTJ machining
  • Packer removal

For more information on how Mirage may be able to help you on your next offshore project and subsea applications, download our free Subsea Machine Buyers Guide by clicking here.

Download the subsea machine tool and ROV tooling buyers guide
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