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Clamshell Lathe: Accessories Available


A Clamshell lathe, split-frame cutter, or clamshell pipe cutter as they are sometimes called, is designed for cold cutting through large diameter pipe on-site and also bevelling for weld preparation. The array of tool bits available allow these machines to produce many different weld profiles, for example; ‘sever and bevel’, ‘straight sever’, or ‘sever double bevel’.

But what else can clamshell lathes do when used with accessories?

Below we’ll take a look at the main accessories available for the DL Ricci range of clamshell pipe cutters.  But if at first you want to take a look at the machines available before you consider accessories, take a look through the DL Ricci pages on our website here.

Clamshell Lathe Accessories


Single Point and Counterbore Modules

Flange facing, boring, counterboring, machining RTJ grooves and compound angle weld preps can be accomplished with a single point and counterbore module. These can be mounted onto NB, MS, and HD Clamshells and help the operator hold exacting tolerances with minimal effort.

Swivel Head Module

This attachment uses an adjustable head which makes it easy to cut angles up to 60 degrees. This makes it possible to accomplish RTJ grooving, boring and angle boring with minimum effort. 

Axial Feed Module

This module is used to convert the clamshell cutter into a journal turning machine so that areas of a pipe, shaft or casing that’s worn can be repaired. This application often crops up in the nuclear industry and as understandably needs to be carried out to exacting standards. The Axial Feed Module is compact, making it suitable for use in limited spaces.


Low Profile Tool Block Slide

When space is really tight such as when as little as 3 ½” of pipe length is available for mounting, the low profile tool block slide can be used to reduce the axial dimension required.

Out-Of-Round Tool Block Slide

These are alternative tools blocks that allow for multiple mounting positions of tool bits to account for radial clearance issues and wall thickness weld prep requirements. The tool block slides use external side clamps for quick repositioning. They’re available in four sizes, the smallest with a tool block travel of 1.5” and the largest up to 6.5”.


Pre-ground cutting tools are used for parting operations and forming of weld preparation profiles.


Overlay Sander

This is used for powerful sanding applications, with weld crown removal being the primary use. An additional application is when ultrasonic testing of pipe is required, and a clean, smooth surface for measurement is required. This smooth surface can be created using the Overlay Sander and the unit can also be equipped with a Spark Guard attachment for efficient capture of debris. 

Alternative Drive Motors and Mounts

Alternative motor mounts are sometimes required when clearance is an issue. These are available in straight back, right angle and front drive reversible options. The actual drive motors are available in hydraulic, pneumatic options, with electric also available on the DL Ricci NB range

The above is just a brief overview of how the capabilities of a DL Ricci clamshell lathe can be expanded through the accessories available. More details can be found on our DL Ricci accessories webpage and by contacting your nearest representative.

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