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Clamshell Cutter: Photo Gallery


Despite the best efforts of marketing departments within engineering companies, many of us simply don’t have the time to read every single word of each technical article that catches our eye.

But when it comes to photographs it’s a completely different story. It seems that the more 'visual'  the content is the more likely people will engage with it and share it with industry colleagues.

Images of products in use tell us so much about how they work, their suitable applications and the results they can achieve. 

That’s why we’ve brought together a selection of images showing you clamshell cutters in action.

If you’re a field machinist that using these products regularly then you probably won’t see anything you haven’t already seen first-hand. But if you’re a machining ‘rookie’, or if you’re looking to hire or purchase a clamshell cutter for the first time, the image gallery will give you some useful insight.

For details of our clamshell cutters take a look at the full range on our website or request help from your nearest technical sales specialist. 

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