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Video round-up: clamshell cutter and diamond wire saw


See which machines are used for cutting through large pipes and heavy wall casings in the oil and gas industry. For your convenience, this page brings together videos of machines suitable for pipe cutting, weld preparation, casing cutting and more in one handy place. Why not take a look and bookmark this page for later reference?

Split Frame Clamshell Cutter Animation

This animated video demonstrates the set up procedure and operation of the Mirage clamshell cutter for pipe cutting, counter-boring and beveling operations. The machines in the Mirage MSF range cover pipe diameters from 2" up to 48" diameter.

How to cut super duplex pipe
This video shows the Mirage Machines MSF8-14  easily cutting through 8" Super Duplex tube, followed by facing and counter-boring.

How to cut through heavy wall casings
In addition to severing pipes and preparation for weldinga flange, the Mirage MSF splitframe range of cutters can be used to cut though heavy wall items such as wellheads and valve cases.
Watch the video below to see the MSF 26-32  cut through a 30" diameter master valve casing with a wall thickness of 90mm.
Pipe beveling machine in action
If you enjoyed the animated video above, but want to see beveling using a real machine, skip to 3:06 minutes into this video to see the MSF8-14 beveling a steel pipe.


Diamond wire saw

If you're looking for a machine to cut through pipes and casings in a subsea setting there are a number of different sizes machines available. These heavy duty diamond wire saws can be hooked up to an ROV and are ideal for quickly cutting through dissimilar materials and resisting compressive forces. Watch the animation below to see an example of how they arte used.


Manipulator Saw

Think of the Manipulator Diamond Wire Saw is a smaller version of the other diamond wire saws in the Mirage range. This is used for jobs where a more lightweight machine is needed and when faster deployment is needed.


Bolt Slitting Saw

If you're struggling to loosen flange bolts, this type of machine allows the cutting of bolts through the gap in-between the mating flanges. This operation can be carreid out using the MBS355-H Bolt slitting saw. The video below shows the product on test in the Mirage workshop and in-situ at a customer's premises.

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