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Choosing the right portable milling machines for your needs

Bespoke CNC portable milling machine by Mirage MachinesFinding the right tool for the job isn't a straight forward task which is why we've created this handy guide to choosing the right tool for your job.

2-axis vs 3-axis

The first question to ask is do you require a machine with two or three axis milling capabilites. Within the Mirage mrange of insitu milling machines we offer both 2-axis and 3-axis

Much of our 2-axis range can also be fitted to our gantry milling kit which can provide 3-axis milling if required.

Milling range

Being able to complete a job in a single stroke is every engineer's ideal so choosing the portable milling machine with an appropriate milling range is important.

The Mirage 2-axis milling machines have a milling from 20"-120" depending on the model whereas our 3-axis range operate from 60-120". Where a milling range below 20" is required, we would suggest taking a look at our Mini-mill which has a milling range of 2-20".  

Application specific requirements

Each on-site machining application brings with it a different set of requirements. When choosing your milling machine you will want to make sure your kit if capable of meeting your needs.

For instance, where milling of a heat exchanger is required, you may want to consider the Mirage LMR range which, while suitable for general purpose milling, was designed with heat exchanger milling in mind.

Alternatively, where key way milling is required, the Mini-mill mentioned above is the ideal tool.

Bespoke milling projects

As we all know, there are some projects that just can't be completed using off-the-shelf equipment. In these circumstances you'll want a bespoke designed portable machine tool that is built specifically to your needs.

A recent example of Mirage designing a bespoke milling machine was our CNC gantry milling machine. This machine was built specificaly for use in restricted access areas so we incorporated an automatic tool changer alongside a raft of other application specific features designed to meet the challenge.

If you're like to know more about our bespoke machine design services, contact our sales engineers.

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