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Choosing the right flange facing machine for heat exchanger repairs

Renting or buying, choosing the right flange facing machine for your business operations can be challenging due to the spectrum of choice available and the task you want it to complete.

For heat exchanger repairs, it isn't uncommon for bespoke tooling to be made to finish the task and certain add-ons may be required such as a back facing kit. For any help on assessing your needs get in touch with our heat exhange repair experts here.

Here's just two examples of how Mirage Machines helped clients by creating specific machines for their operations in Malaysia.

Case study 1


Mirage were required to provide a machine to machine both sides of heat exchangers up to a diameter of 3 metres.

Together with a standard flange size, Mirage provided a bespoke mounting and jacking plates that were clamped to the heat exchanger together with expanding bolts. It was then centralised and leveled prior to mounting the machine back into position.

The flange facing machine required for this process was the MM1000i - MM3000i.

Case study 2


Another Malaysian client required a machine heat exchanger division plate slot. Mirage's MR2200 with a standard 2 axis was centralised to the division slot that had badly corroded and required welding and re-machining to original specification in situ.

The machine has a two bolt mounting system that allows both fast mounting and also fast alignment. The machine is then leveled and aligned from the flange face and the division plate re-machined.

Time savings are large because in most cases the exchanger can be left in place or bought into a work shop and the tubes can be left in place.

Back facing kit

An essential add-on used by these two case studies was the use of the back facing kit with the ability to fit onto the standard flange facers used during production. The kit allowed for the facing of the outside of the exchanger using Mirage's patented auto facing feed.

Assessing whether you require one of these, or any extra tooling, is essential so the exchanger is fully repaired and maintains efficiency and reliability.

Your flange facing needs

Whatever your requirements, a flange facing machine should look to reduce servicing times, improve maintenance performance and streamline heat exchanger repair work by using the on-site machining.

Mirage offers a flexible approach to renting there ever expanding range of tooling, perfect for a one-off repair of a heat exchanger. Training, site support and even servicing can be done by the Mirage team who have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering repairs for clients.

To assess your business needs, and to ensure you order the correct machinery, get in touch with Mirage's flange facing specialists.


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