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Case Study: Mirage Subsea removes a damaged Chemical Injection Metering Valve (CIMV) and creates a new Manual Torque Tool



Operators and contractors performing subsea projects such as installation, inspection, maintenance, repair and decommissioning need to rely on companies who can provide rapid response, customized solutions. Mirage’s subsea tooling division in Houston was set up to meet these challenges.   Read on to understand more about the company’s capabilities through an overview of a recent solution they provided for a Client.

Client Problem

A subsea tree equipped with a latch lock removal system on a chemical injection valve had a mechanical failure on the connection rod. This made standard removal of the valve impossible.

To overcome this problem Mirage Subsea developed three innovative contingency solutions to allow an ROV to remove the valve, despite the failed fastener.

 Solutions provided by Mirage Subsea

Solution A

This used a one inch, left-handed, four flute endmill to try and turn the inconel rod to unlatch the CIMV. This first solution was delivered to the Client’s design, but was not able to remove the damaged valve.

Solution B

Having anticipated that this second solution might be required, Mirage Subsea designed a contingency tool incorporating an 8” lathe chuck with ROV handles, to deploy the latch onto the inconel rod to enable it to be rotated to unlatch the valve. This tool was successful in removing the valve.

Solution C

As part of the process an additional contingency tool was designed, which was a hydraulically operated chucking system. (This solution was not deployed, as the valve was removed with solution two).



  • The client’s immediate problem was resolved through our rapid response tooling solutions listed above.
  • Design to delivery: All three tooling solutions were provided in 10 days
  • The client requested we design a tool that would prevent the problem from occurring in the future.
  • We therefore designed a ‘Manual Torque Tool’ to prevent the client from breaking valves during the removal process.

Specification of The New Manual Torque Tool


  • The new product prevents Clients from breaking a valve during the removal process, thanks to its ROV manipulator operated torque limiting device, which will not allow a torque value that exceeds a Client’s specification.
  • The tool has a torque multiplier, which gives a better or slower visual indication of the current position of the latch lock system position indicator.
  • The tool has a torque limiter which will not allow a torque value that exceeds the CIMV valve manufacturer’s specification.
  • Designed to interface to ISO 13628-8 Class I-IV torque buckets.
  • Incorporates a 1-1/2” (Class IV) square drive socket with 8 points to reduce initial engagement time.
  • Incorporates a unique internal pressure compensation system.
  • Can be re-configured to be used as a Class IV manual torque tool.
  • As a manual/mechanical torque tool, the torque can be certified on the surface and does not require at-depth certification.
  • Minimum training is required to use the tool - standard ROV and ROV torque tool training will suffice.

To find out more about this new product and other ROV tooling products available for rent or purchase, please get in touch with Mirage Subsea via the website.

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