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Can portable machine tools be tailored to my needs?

MM300e refinery VenezuelaThe concept of major companies renting machines for use in large scale industrial projects is something that has become more important as a consideration in recent years than ever before.

The use of portable machines for a wide range if industry specific requirements is increasing all the time, as projects develop needs that require fast turnaround solutions whilst remaining cost-effective.


When a major infrastructure project or industrial installation develops a machining situation that needs a solution which isn't readily at hand, bringing in portable machines can be the ideal answer.

Whereas in the past, circumstances which caused an outage or downtime might be due to an unforeseen circumstance, requiring a lengthy period of development for a solution, the ability to hire specialised tools and equipment is now a recognised way of dealing with such situations quickly and in-situ.

A slowdown or complete halt of any large scale industrial process is costly, with a damaging effect on the project. The ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, on-site can make a huge difference to ongoing productivity, reducing costly downtime.


There are a vast array of industrial processes, even across similar fields of operations, especially in oil and gas production projects.

Often working in inhospitable or extreme conditions, these can make for a unique set of circumstances which cannot necessarily be solved by off-the-shelf solutions. This can mean that a company is looking at a costly or prolonged period of development when it comes to finding the right machine for the job its facing.

Mirage Machines has a well established reputation for being able to present bespoke solutions for problems, as their technologically advanced range of portable machine tools are highly adaptable to a vast scope of circumstances and situations.

As well as having the most up to the minute technology and flexibility in the form of add-ons, additional tooling means that the equipment they provide is up to the job in hand, provided as a complete solution package of kit, even for the harshest and most demanding of working conditions.


Machining an on-site problem can be a time and money saving experience, with less downtime and wastage. Solving a problem or refinishing a degraded asset can be achieved in-situ while achieving workshop tolerances, in less time than required to transport it for off-site machining.

When budgets or timescales call for it, a rented portable machine tool can be whats required. Rental machine tools can remove the long term investment required for specialist hardware which might only be used occasionally, as well as the maintenance and servicing requirements of older and wellused or outdated equipment, and global availability considertaions.

So, can portable machines be tailored to your needs? We think so, and it doesn't seem to matter what industry or location you're based in, the convenience and specialist adaptable nature of portable tooling seems to offer a range of solutions for all.

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