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Portable machine tools: Bringing flexibility to on-site operations

Coking plants have many uses for on-site machine toolsWithin heavy industries such as oil and gas, construction and mining, even the briefest of unexpected downtime can cost significant amounts of money. As such, companies working in these fields need to be rigourous in their planned maintenance but also flexibile enough to deal with the unexpected.

One of the challenges that field service engineers or operational managers face is having the right kit in the right place at the right time. The nature of the work means that "one size fits all" machine tools often require adapting to the task and will only be required for a single operation. Finding solutions to this requires dealing with a company who can be flexibile to your needs.

In this article we summarise some of the benefits of dealing directly with a machine tool manufacturer. 

Flexible investments

Where firms require portable machine tools for ongoing operations, capex can be spent on purchasing the necessary equipment, giving security that kit will be available for future requirements. In circumstances where machine tools are required only for a short period of time, opex can be used for renting specialised equipment on a short term basis. Companies now also regularly offer try-before-you-buy options, using rental of the kit to assure its fast availability while giving the option to pay for the item in full after the rental term has finished.

Bespoke machines, bespoke solutions

The range of portable equipment on offer allows for all sorts of work to be undertaken, from techmnically demanding hot tapping processes to the essential repair of a flange face. A complete and wide ranging offer is to be expected from a quality machine tool manufacturer. Mirage Machines specialise in providing portable on-site solutions to industry, which allow for an efficient resolution to problematic on-site maintenance and repair machining situations.   

'At Mirage we pride ourselves on being able to find a solution, whatever the technical challenge. As such, our team of designers and engineers work with you to adapt our machines to your needs. We have an excellent case history of taking on bespoke machine tool projects to find solutions to the most difficult on-site machining challeneges.' Richard Silk, Mirage MD.

Rental machine tools

Depending on your future machining requirement, renting machine tools can be a cost effective and operationally sensible investment, as well as offering fast availability of assets.

The benefits of rental are both practical and financial; renting machine tools means that once a job is completed you are not responsible for the ongoing storage and maintenance of the machine, while only paying for a short term usage for an unusual operation (where purchase doesnt offer a cost effective solution) is an obvious plus.

The opportunity to hire in specific kit for each job also delivers the flexibility of a variety of specific equipment, rather than needing to adapt machines for individual requirements, so you can be sure to get the best kit when you need it.

A common challenge faced when purchasing portable machine tools is making sure the right kit is available in the right location. Logistically this can be a challenge, but with rental, you leave the complexities of logistics behind.

Portable performance

In specialised fields of operations, technology is moving ahead faster than ever before and any investment in machinery has to be 'future proofed'. Selecting a machine from the ranges available is no longer just a matter of cost or meeting requirements, but one of safety, functions, range of use and technological advancement, as machining time is money, which is as much an important consideration as the initial purchase itself.

Mirage Machines have the most up-to-date and technically advanced machine tools, developed to the latest standards and requirements, while also being available with bespoke adaptations or with rental and try-before-you-buy options.

Portable machine tools are bringing the solution to on site machining problems, with the flexibility to solve difficult machining issues in-situ and with workshop machined quality.

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