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Using portable machines can cut the costs of maintenance

Any industry that uses installations of heavy machinery is at the mercy of downtime occurring through scheduled maintenance or unexpected events.

This is especially true in the fields of oil and gas production/extraction, power generation, construction and other heavy industries such as large-scale manufacturing operations.

Having to halt or cut back on operations can not only be costly in terms of production time being lost, but can lead to more consequences on time-dependent processes.

Therefore any avenues which can not only cut down on expenditure but also save time should be considered as potential solutions to problems.

Portable machines bring the workshop to you

Portable machine tools come in a wide range of devices for both specific and varied operations and functions. These can be particularly attractive to a company that needs to carry out an operation that falls outside of its normal operating methods or requires specialised machinery that they do not own.

By utilising the option of bringing in portable machines available from specialist firms such as Mirage Machines, jobs can be completed in a far shorter time frame than otherwise might be possible. It also means that tried and tested solutions can be put into place without the need for risky experimentation to complete a task that might ultimately prove even more costly.

Portability brings flexibility

Not only are portable machines able to be moved from different locations and job to job, but they also have the functionality of being adaptable to a range of different tasks. For instance, a flange facing machine can be used for weld preps, seal grooves or counter bores.

Mirage Machines specialises in a range of machines that offer many different operational functions, which means that heavy industries can cut time-scales for jobs and reduce the waste of resources involved when investing in machinery that may only need to be used infrequently.

The tools

Examples of the type of portable machinery that can be supplied by Mirage Machines include the 2-axis milling machine seen in the video above, flange-facing machines, hot tapping machines, and a wide range of drilling and boring tools suitable for many different applications in situ.

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