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Money-saving machines: how the construction industry is going green

The impact climate change awareness has had on the commercial world should not be underestimated. 

Industries which have previously been seen to be part of the problem when it comes to ecological issues, such as energy production and major manufacturing companies, are now at the forefront of the efforts to bring about change. The construction industry in particular is seeing big changes in day-to-day operational processes and at the highest intergovernmental levels; as seen by current EU initiatives concerning future industry practices.


When it comes to construction, there are really two main areas that can be looked at in an effort to implement eco-friendly practices. The use of basic materials not only has an enduring impact on the environments in which they end up but also by the way they are manufactured or extracted.

Innovations such as less energy-intensive cement can have a real impact in baseline applications throughout the construction industry. The coming years are sure to see more advances along similar lines.

Whereas traditional Portland cement creates 2.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year, globally, new processes can actually sequester half a ton of the greenhouse gas for each ton of cement produced and create fresh water as a by-product.


Major plant machinery and fleet units are increasingly being fitted with new environmentally-friendly engines that reduce emissions whilst highlighting and increasing safety and performance aspects.

Other major infrastructure and construction projects are benefiting from the use of GPS systems which can intelligently analyse usage and follow on with adaptive behavioural processes which can have a significant impact on fuel and energy consumption.

Taken together and utilised across the many fields of operations in construction, oil and gas, and other heavy industries, these are some examples of the way in which awareness is being given to the environmental impact that results from established working practices.

Of course, wherever machines can be made to be more efficient and consume fewer resources, it means they will be more cost-effective, which is big news for businesses. 

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