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What are the benefits of on-site machining?

The current economic climate means margins are being squeezed from all directions, yet quality, precision and performance are as important (or even more so) as ever. As such it is essential that innovators continue to produce high quality technical solutions to the world's toughest challenges. In the industrial world this means working to ever tighter tolerances, fixing problems more quickly and keeping operations running at maximum efficiency.

Given that every second of downtime counts and industrial plants are busy places, how do essential maintenance and repairs get carried out? The answer is simple: on-site machining.

Workshop-quality on site

By using portable machine tools engineers are able to get the high quality, precision machining that they find in workshops performed on-site. Tolerances that are sometimes thought to only be achievable in the workshop can be achieved even in some of the most difficult and awkward situations by utilising portable machine tools. You could say we bring the workshop to you.

Fewer logistical headaches

As you've seen already, with on-site machining the workshop can effectively be brought to the plant. This means that plant which needs repairing can remain in-situ therefore removing the need ship it to a workshop where it can be worked on. The savings made in transportation costs alone make on-site machining the optimal solutions and that's before we've considered the man hours saved in labour and planning.

Reduced downtime

With fewer logistical headaches comes the knowledge that your kit can remain in-situ and operational for longer. This means the only downtime each part requiring maintenance or repair will face is when it is actually being worked on. Shortly after the portable machine tools have done their job, the kit can be back on-line and working at maximum efficiency once again.

Significant financial savings

You don't need to be an economist to understand the savings. Reducing downtime for industrial plants ensures every penny is squeezed out of the site, and removing the need for lengthy off-site repair work means downtime is absolutely kept to a minimum. Coupled with the savings made from not having to ship off parts of kit for repair and you can quickly see why on-site machining is the number one choice for essential maintenance and repair work of industrial plant machinery.

All things considered, on-site machining is the most sensible solution for companies needing precision machining in a hurry. Every industry, from construction and mining to oil and gas extraction require a few simple things when it comes to maintenance and repairs: precision, efficiency, speed and operational continuity. With portable machine tools for on-site machining, service companies and plant operators know that is exactly what they are going to get.

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