Welcome to the Mirage Machines Portable Performance Blog

What to expect from the Mirage Portable Performance Blog?

Welcome to new Mirage Machines Portable Performance blog

As we enter our twentieth year in business, Mirage Machines will be applying our expertise to a whole new area: that of blogging. With new markets opening up and demand for high-performance portable machine tools increasing, we have turned to the internet to reach new audiences and share the Mirage story.

So what can readers and subscribers to the Mirage Portable Performance blog expect to find here? Our goal is to educate, inform and entertain our readers.

  • We will regularly bring you news and opinion from across the subsea, nuclear, oil & gas, mining and renewable industries.

  • You will find case studies and how-to's for some of the common problems we help clients solve

  • Company news including our the latest product innovations

  • Feature articles covering the future of the industries that Mirage Machines deal in.

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Introduction to Mirage Machines

Mirage portable machine tools optimise the performance of on-site assets by achieving operational excellence, maximising uptime and improving productivity. Are machines are used across a range of industries including subsea, oil & gas, mining, construction, nuclear and utilities. 

Our range of portable machine tools are suitable for a wide range of in-situ machining applications that include:

Now in our twentieth year in operation, we have developed, expanded and relocated to a modern, purpose built facility - supporting the full range of design, development, manufacture, in-service support and business management activities we now offer.

Our family founded business was brought together a team of highly skilled engineers with experience gained from the manufacture of the Silk range of portable machine tools and years of practical knowledge in the field of portable machine tool design and manufacture, as well as the Silk 700 'classic' motorcycle (see below).

SILK 700S 02

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