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Single Drill Unit vs Double Drill Unit: What’s the difference?

Mirage’s in-house design team have worked tirelessly to design, develop and manufacture the Single Drill Unit and Double Drill Unit for use subsea. The drills core use is to enable the recovery of oil rig conductors and casing strings without the need

In focus: MSF Low Clearance Split Frame Clam Shell


In this regular feature for the Mirage blog, we'll be taking an in-depth look at a specific portable machine tool. This week we're inspecting the MSF low clearance split frame clam shell pipe cutter.

Mirage complete subsea window machining project

Mirage has recently completed a subsea window machining project that entailed the repair of a conductor in Apache North Sea, Forties Delta, in 115m water depth. The conductor, a 26-1/2” installation required a 1.3 x 0.45m window machining with 50mm

5 key decommissioning points made at the Offshore Energy Exhibition 2015

Despite the oil and gas industry continuing to face a challenging outlook, it didn’t stop over 11,800 visitors attending the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2015 in The Netherlands in October.

5 reasons your flange facing connection is failing

Over time, and for many other reasons, damage occurs to flanges that effects their performance and safety.

Of course the success of a fitted flange is that the connections between the flange, gasket, bolting and pipework create a leak-free

6 of the most common flange types used in the oil and gas industry

In 2008, Garlock, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaskets, reported that a recent customer survey showed their respondents “indicated that every joint in their plant is critical, and there is zero tolerance for any type of leakage

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