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Available now: The New Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide

Posted by Alan Hillier on Apr 19, 2019 11:30:00 AM


The internet has transformed the way people choose products and make their enquiry - and industrial markets are no exception to this.

In B2B (Business to Business) markets, personal contact offered by an account manager remains as import as ever - especially for those looking for complex industrial products. But what’s different today compared to the 1990s is that customers can now do much of the initial research themselves, before reaching out to a supplier to firm up on the best solution and get a quotation.

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Steam Turbine Maintenance: How Portable Machine Tools Can Help

Posted by Alan Hillier on Apr 9, 2019 2:43:00 PM


A properly maintained steam turbine can operate reliably for many decades. But to make sure this happens it needs to undergo regular maintenance, with as much as possible of this being preventative.

While there are differences in the design and complexity of steam turbines, they all fundamentally do the same thing: converting energy derived from heat into electricity. 

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How to choose between portable band saws and diamond wire saws

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 25, 2019 12:31:30 PM


When working on a decommissioning project in the oil, gas and energy sectors, sooner or later you’ll be faced with the challenge of cutting through large scale tubular items such as casings, platform legs or piles.

So how can this be done? and what equipment is available?

The two obvious contenders are portable band saws and portable diamond wire saws. Both types are robust enough to carry out offshore heavy duty cutting tasks - but to make your selection you'll need to understand the key differences between these two powerful on-site machines.

Let’s take a look at both options:

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Removing damaged studs and threads with just one machine

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 6, 2019 10:55:00 AM


Regular readers of the Portable Performance Blog will know about the tools available to remove studs as part of a decommissioning project. But what can be done if the stud needs to be replaced and the thread needs refurbished?

This happens regularly in the power generation sector on critical items such as turbine casings, flange coupling studs, nuclear reactor studs & bonnets, recirculation pumps and heat exchangers.

Mirage is pleased to introduce the addition of the new fully portable geniSYS IV CNC 3-axis milling machine to the product line-up – a great new machine tool that’s purpose designed to solve these difficult machining challenges.

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Decommissioning applications for portable machine tools

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 1, 2019 1:01:00 PM


Decommissioning has become a new buzzword in the offshore and nuclear industries. Dwindling oil prices and a shift towards more renewable energy sources has turned many operators’ attention towards decommissioning their ageing assets.

To say that dismantling and recovering these huge installations is difficult would be an understatement. The process is expensive, time consuming and can be hazardous. Any equipment used should be robust and reliable and be safe to operate. Thankfully, there’s portable machine tools available which have been designed specifically to ensure these projects are completed efficiently and safely.

Mirage has responded to the challenges presented by customers with purpose designed products – some which have now become part of the standard Mirage product line up.

Let’s take a look at some examples of decommissioning projects, and the Mirage products used.

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