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At a glance: 10 Mirage portable machine tools in action


If a picture paints a thousand words, then a short video clip takes it to the next level. So for those of you in a hurry wanting a quick look at what Mirage products do, we've brought together 10 very short clips recently posted on the Mirage social media channels. 

 1. Portable Heavy Duty Bandsaw


 Get the portable bandsaw machine specifications here.


2. MLB 610 Line Boring Machine


Get the MLB610 line boring machine specifications here.


3. Two-axis and Three-axis Portable Milling Machines


 Get Mirage 2 and 3 axis milling machine specifications here.


4. Subsea Diamond Wire Saws


Get subsea diamond wire saw specifications here


5. Flange Facing Machines


 Get the flange facing machine specifications here.


6. Tapping attachment used with a Mirage HT Drill


 Get Drilling and Tapping machine specifications here.


7. Hot Tapping Machine

hot tapping demo-1

 Get hot tapping machine specifications here.


8. Orbital MIlling Machine


 Get orbital milling machine specifications here


9. Casing Double Pin Drill


 Get casing pin drill specifications here


10. High Torque Drilling Machines


 Get specifications for portable drilling machines here


You can view full length videos on our YouTube channel and get product specifications on the Mirage website.

If you have a project coming that requires a portable machine tool please click here to get in touch.


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