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Are lead times for portable machine tools causing you problems?




So you’ve done your research, you’ve found the right in-situ machine and the price is well within your budget.  Now you just want to get your hands on your shiny new kit and get your machining project underway as soon as possible.

So what’s the problem? – don’t all portable machine tool suppliers keep products in stock ready for despatch?    

Unfortunately, not. The feedback we’ve gained from new Mirage customers and our global distributors is that some companies are choosing to make their standard machines to order - resulting in lengthy lead times of around 14 weeks. In the worst cases this even applies to spares and accessories!

Let's find out how you can get what you need without waiting an unreasonable amount of time...

Getting your on-site machine tools quicker

At Mirage Machines, the way that we work allows us to despatch orders within a much shorter timescale. Our approach is to build core product for stock. We simply know which products are the most in demand and get on with the business of making them!

For customers this means that on orders for ‘core products’ such as Flange facing machines, Split frame/clamshell cutters, HT heavy duty drills, Spares kits and accessories we’re able to despatch these almost immediately!


Global coverage

In addition to the warehouse at our UK manufacturing plant, we also hold stock at locations such as the US and Australia, enabling a rapid response for customers wherever they are the world. Customers can also access local support at these locations from Mirage representatives.


What about non-stock products?

It would be uneconomic for any company to build every single conceivable product variant and hold these in stock, but Mirage customers aren’t kept waiting too long, thanks to our efforts to ensure that lead times are compressed to a minimum.

Mirage does this by focusing on each of the following six ‘P’s:

  • Production Capacity – (Having sufficient staff, space and equipment).
  • Production Control – (Allocating resources, prioritising machine builds, building modules in advance and holding in stock ready for final assembly).
  • Productivity – (Eliminating wasted time, organising the shop floor into defined).
  • Procurement – (Managing your own supply chain effectively, using local suppliers).
  • Process Robustness – (Sticking to your process and avoiding shortcuts).
  • Product Delivery Responsibilities – (Knowing who owns each stage of the shipment process).

Depending upon the size and specification of the product, lead times for non-stock machines can be as little as 5 weeks, but for the more specialized large scale items such as orbital milling products can take a few weeks longer.

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