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Clamshell Cutters: The D.L. Ricci Range in Focus

Flange Facing Machines: Definitions Listed A to Z

How to select the right machine tool for flange serration

Available now: The New Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide

Steam Turbine Maintenance: How Portable Machine Tools Can Help

How to choose between portable band saws and diamond wire saws

Removing damaged studs and threads with just one machine

Decommissioning applications for portable machine tools

In Focus: The MBS1360 Flange Bolt Saw

At a glance: 10 Mirage portable machine tools in action

Video: MM610i ID mount flange facer set-up and operation

3 decommissioning machine tools to create casing lift holes

Energy sector predictions for 2019

How Crude Oil is separated into fractions

How flange alignment and flange closing tools work

Flange spreading tools and how they work

Metal machining video: Chip formation in indexable drilling

In Focus: HT Portable Drilling Machines

Types of gasket for oil, gas, petrochemicals and power generation

Video Round-up: July to September 2018

In focus: The MM2000i Flange Facing Machine

What are portable milling machines used for?

Portable Bandsaw Blade Essentials

Metal Machining Insight: Avoiding built up edge

Portable band saw blade speeds for cutting metal pipelines

The A to Z of nuclear power for on-site machinists

World-Class: What does it mean for portable machine tools?

How has the energy sector changed in the last 25 years?

Insight for in-situ machinists: How a thermal power plant works

Types of construction vehicle and opportunities for in-situ machining

In Focus: MRY 3-axis Milling Machines

Portable machine tool photo round-up: Q2 2018

Case study: Machining i-beam end faces with a milling rail and gantry

How to get a new flange facing machine at a reduced price

What are spiral wound gaskets?

Pneumatic motor maintenance tips every on-site machinist needs to know

The world's top 10 hydro plant projects approved for construction

Line Boring Machine FAQs

2 examples of on-site applications for Mirage Flange Facing Machines

How to machine tapered journals in-situ

Infographic: Components of a portable drilling machine

6 major considerations before buying a line boring machine

Mirage insight: Testing portable machine tools to ensure quality

Portable machine tool picture round-up Q1 2018

Understanding Cutting Tool Geometry

On-site machining opportunities: 12 Power plant construction projects in North and South America

Hot tapping into water lines using a LPHT Hot Tapping Machine

Lens ring flange joints and how they are machined

On-site machining opportunities: Nuclear power plant project list

In Focus: VHT gate valve drilling machines

11 ways to improve a machined finish

Portable machine tool insight: How carbide inserts are made

Using dial indicators for flange facer set up

9 industry sector predictions every on-site machinist should know

Portable Band Saw: Infographic guide to the key components

In Focus: The MM305i Flange Facing Machine

Insight for in-situ machinists: How a Francis turbine works 

7 on-site applications for an orbital milling machine

Coupling test cut using a portable boring machine

Using a flange facer for turning a journal

Types of pipeline every oil and gas engineer should know about

Cutting a 32” diameter steel pipe using a portable heavy-duty band saw

Why use a spade drill with portable drilling machines?

Insight for field machinists: How a steam turbine works

Power options for portable machine tools: which is best for you?

Adapting a flange facer to reach a smaller diameter

Petrochemical construction projects awarded in 2017

In-situ machining photo roundup - July to September 2017

Machinability with portable machine tools

How portable milling machines work

Using a portable band saw for subsea wellhead removal

How much oil reserves are left in the world?

Introducing the MLB Line Boring Machine

Video: MM300e OD mount flange facer set-up and operation

Types of steel every portable machine tool operator should know about

Setting up an external mount flange facer

Portable Line Boring Machine

Buying a cheap flange facer machine: what are the risks?

Oil and gas decommissioning projects awarded in 2017

The A to Z of portable machine tool applications

In-situ machining photo roundup - April to June 2017

Hot tapping machine buyer's checklist

Flange Facing Machine FAQs

Drilling Machines: How far down can companies drill for oil?

20 opportunities for on-site machining at future LNG Projects in North and South America

Hot tapping machine manufacturer advice for maintenance

Subsea Diamond Wire Saw: Infographic guide to the key components

Flange facing machine accessories to extend your capabilities

8 free portable machining online resources for the in-situ machinist

Portable on-site machine tool applications for LNG construction projects

Portable milling machines: Installation methods

How to choose a portable machine tool manufacturer

In-situ machining photo roundup - March 2017

The essentials of flange facing machine maintenance

How to set up a line boring machine

The top 10 countries boosting wind power capacity

Hot Tapping Machines: The Key Components

7 construction and mining plant problems solved by in-situ machining products

OD Mount Flange Facer. A visual guide to the key components

How to align a portable gantry milling machine

Video round-up: clamshell cutter and diamond wire saw

16 petrochemical on-site projects and the field machining equipment needed

How to machine an ASME B16.5 flange finish

ID Mount Flange Facer. A visual guide to the key components

How wind turbines work

10 of the world's weirdest machines and gadgets

Portable gantry milling machines. An overview

The biggest wind turbine contracts awarded in 2016

How to measure RTJ flange grooves

Portable milling machine used for a turbine casing project

On-site machining: power plant project list

Orbital milling machine applications: ship thruster flanges

Using an external threading machine on a wellhead extension project

Why do oil prices fluctuate?- An insight for oil and gas engineers

Wellhead valve repair using a hot tapping machine

9 essential portable machine tools every wellhead maintenance engineer should know about

Understanding API 6A Gate Valves - Infographic Guide

What equipment is needed for machining compact flanges?

Are lead times for portable machine tools causing you problems?

Video round-up: flange facing machines in action

Choosing the right flange surface finish. An overview of ASME, ESF and FSA guidelines

How to identify and repair flange face corrosion

In focus: The MM1000i Flange Facing Machine

Large capacity line boring

Video round-up: offshore decommissioning machines in action

How can an in situ machine tool manufacturer guarantee quality?

Removing seized flange bolts with portable machine tools

How to machine damaged RTJ flanges

Infographic Guide to Flange Facing

How orbital milling machines are used for wind turbine manufacture

How to choose the right diamond wire saw

Hot tapping in subsea environments: overview and considerations

Using a keyway cutter for in-situ repairs

Machining valve seats with a valve boring machine

Compact flanges: applications, benefits and machining kits

Video: Offshore decommissioning double drill unit in action

Portable band saw cold cutting trials

Infographic: types of power plant & efficiencies

Flange facing machine buyer's checklist

Portable milling machine: design process overview

How Diamond Wire Saws work

Preventing bolted flange joint failure

The line boring machine. Applications, capabilities and features

5 bespoke portable machine tools that solved on-site machining problems

Behind the scenes with the Mirage production team

A guide to oil and gas decommissioning equipment

Infographic: Shale Oil & Gas Extraction (Fracking)

How to remove subsea piles, strings or members from below the mud line

Guide to subsea cutting and machining projects using portable machine tools

Guide to pipe cutting and removing flanges with a split frame cutter

Video: Cutting through a heavy wall lower master valve using a split frame cutter

Case Study: Mirage develops bespoke CNC gantry milling machine for shipbuilding project

Infographic: Power Plant Maintenance - Costs, Strategies and Optimisation

5 key oil and gas innovation findings from the Lloyds Register Energy report

How milling machines can help improve power plant efficiency

Case Study: Mirage Subsea removes a damaged Chemical Injection Metering Valve (CIMV) and creates a new Manual Torque Tool

Essential machines and accessories needed for a hot tapping project

Industry trends every pipeline project engineer should know

How to ensure flange integrity in LNG plants

Case Study: Mirage Subsea's Diamond Wire Saw makes the cut in pipeline decommissioning project

Infographic: The future of UKCS oil & gas decommissioning

Single Drill Unit vs Double Drill Unit: What’s the difference?

In focus: MSF Low Clearance Split Frame Clam Shell

Mirage complete subsea window machining project

5 key decommissioning points made at the Offshore Energy Exhibition 2015

5 reasons your flange facing connection is failing

6 of the most common flange types used in the oil and gas industry

How to successfully complete flange facing repairs in hard to reach places

The RTJ flange: An introduction for oil and gas engineers

Is this the best pipe cutting machine for subsea wellhead projects?

3 essential tools every oil and gas decommissioning project must include

Mirage launch decommissioning oil and gas buyer's guide

The hot tapping machine procedure explained

Industry standards every hot tapping engineer must know about

Hot tapping in service pipelines: 5 key considerations

5 online resources every hot tapping engineer should use

3 common reasons industrial flange joints fail and how to avoid them

3D animation: How to complete an underwater tie in project offshore

The world’s 7 largest developing liquefied natural gas projects infographic

How to keep your oil and gas operations running smoothly in 8 steps

Machine tool rental from Mirage Subsea

Reducing the cost of nuclear decommissioning through portable machines

Hydroelectric stay ring repairs: How orbital milling machines can help

3D animation: Mirage subsea diamond wire saw product demonstration

Why hot tapping and line stopping in the water industry are vital

Dry dock repairs: 3 ways a line boring machine can help

How to repair an industrial diesel engine using a flange facing machine

Providing precision boring for the power generation sector

Mirage Machines: Looking ahead to 2015

Expansion and recognition: Mirage celebrate success of 2014

Client focus: Completing offshore projects with Claxton Engineering

First oil flows for new North Sea development

How to improve pipe cutting efficiency in the energy sector

Talent shortage in the oil and gas industry: infographic

Successfully completing your decommissioning project with subsea tooling

Top tips for accurate pipe cutting using a diamond wire saw

How to complete a heat exchanger repair project

Longitudinal pipe cutting for nuclear decommissioning

Infographic: How to build an offshore platform in 6 steps

5 reasons to invest in a portable line boring machine

Industry report points to significant future oil and gas investment

Show success at Offshore Korea 2014 for Mirage

Completing nuclear decommissioning with a CNC gantry milling machine

Mirage attends NDA Supply Chain Conference and RenewableUK

Importance of machinery emphasised as UK wind power increases

In focus: MM300e (0-12") external flange facing machine

How to complete a weld seam removal subsea

API reflects on U.S Petroleum imports: Oil and gas infographic

Offshore industry rental machines: 6 key tools to rely on

Well abandonment costs in the North Sea explained: Infographic

Animation: Split frame pipe cutting and bevelling machine

5 essential tools for the petrochemicals industry

Mirage attends EIC Northern Contractors update

In focus: VB200 & VB650 valve boring machines

Oil and gas decommissioning insight report released

In focus: MM1080ie flange facing machine

The ultimate machinery for subsea high pressure hot tapping

Oil and gas report points to significant future investment

UK economic recovery "needs a thriving oil and gas sector"

Infographic: Facts on talent competition in the oil and gas industry

Trends, developments and challenges in the subsea industry

3 essential tools for shipbuild and repair

Mirage showcase portable machine tools at open day

In focus: HTM150XL hot tapping machine

Flanges and Bolt Dimensions - Class 150 to 2500 - ASME/ANSI B16.5

In focus: OM8000 (138 - 315") Orbital Milling Machine

ROV market responds to offshore subsea market requirements

Infographic: China dominates wind turbine power global market

Sub sea elliptical milling for the Siri platform explained

In focus: LB3060 (1.5 - 24") Portable Line Boring Machine

$500m UK North Sea oil investment indicates continuing strength

5 key findings: BP's statistical review of world energy 2014

Completing a vessel plate weld and vessel nozzle weld profile project

Scotland to experience 'second oil and gas boom' experts predict

Mirage Subsea machine tool and ROV tooling range

In focus: Diamond wire saws (6-80") for subsea operations

Top 3 industry findings from ONS 2014 in Norway

In focus: LB150 Portable line boring machine (16-80")

The on-site machinists guide to treating common corrosion

15 of the most common forms of corrosion on-site machinists will see

In focus: Bespoke turning machine for the best shaft journal repair

Top 10 oil and gas fields of the future

4 new oil and gas reservoirs found in Nigeria Oyo development

EU Offshore Safety Directive: UK implications & legislation timetable

In focus: The Casing double pin drill for platform decommissioning

The 2014 guide to Subsea tax incentives for the oil and gas industry

Activity survey notes record investment in oil and gas industry

Everything to know about the set-up of a portable tapping machine

The facts and figures of wind turbine power infographic

5 challenges the oil and gas industry need to resolve on uHPHT

Heat exchanger mounting kit: An on-site machining animation

Choosing the right flange facing machine for heat exchanger repairs

Oil & Gas UK calls for tax reform to support industry and North Sea

In focus: Gantry Mill Drive Kit GMRF1000

Avoiding RTJ flange stress corrosion cracking using petrochemicals

The growing challenges of wind turbine blade repair

In focus: Line stopping equipment - 14 - 20" Line stop actuator

Flange integrity management: 6 bolted flange joints you can rely on

The pros and cons of OSMRs and 'floating' nuclear power plants

Important considerations before buying a hot tapping machine

10 common types of valves every oil and gas engineer should know about

Oil and gas patents reach record highs

Five reasons why the UK construction industry is a global leader

Using portable band saws for nuclear decommissioning projects

Work to begin at Weald Basin at Solo Oil Share Price Rises

Priority no.1 for Aberdeen's new independent Oil and Gas Authority

Supporting the DONG Siri project with portable gantry milling machines

Top 10 best blogs for on-site machinists to follow

From ASME to PED: 6 societies on-site machining engineers should know

Could exhausted oil and gas fields hold the answer to CCS?

Hot tapping infographic: A visual guide to the hot tap work activity flow

Is the Scottish referendum impacting on North Sea oil and gas industry?

The 5 step guide to torque tightening for leak-free flange connections

7 step safety checklist for hot tapping operations

5 signs why you should invest in a subsea band saw for cold cutting

The Ten Biggest Oil and Gas Companies in the World 2014

15 must-know hot tapping definitions for the petrochemicals industry

China, Russia and the 'Power of Siberia' explained

Infographic: Reducing risks during nuclear decommissioning

In focus: CHT1000 (3 - 12") Hot Tapping Machine

Top 5 seminars to attend at the Oil and Gas Industry Conference 2014

In focus: MR3000 (120" stroke) 3 Axis Milling Machine

Oil and gas offshore applications highlight sector confidence

The pros and cons of European shipbuilders attending Marintec South America

Best unit conversion apps for the oil and gas industry: Apple, Android and Windows

The benefits of hot tapping gas pipelines

Oil and gas industry infographic: UK activity report 2014

What is flange facing?

What does Ukraine situation mean for UK gas industry in long-term?

Seven ways you save with insitu machining

Choosing the right portable milling machines for your needs

Employment boom expected for UK Oil and Gas

In focus: MR1000 (40" stroke) 2 axis portable milling machine

Video gallery of Mirage portable linear and gantry milling machines

10 best Twitter accounts to follow for oilfield workers

Four things to know about Mirage portable milling machines

Tax relief set to boost investment in North Sea drilling

Six free android apps for oilfield workers

BP energy outlook 2035: a future brighter?

Our water splashprint: how much water does it take to power a lightbulb?

What should a good refaced flange surface finish look like?

Ben van Beurden: "Stability and certainty" important for Scotland's oil industry

HTM100 hot tapping machine: Less weight, same power, more maneuverability

Subsea: A thriving UK industry for the future

What will Sir Ian Wood’s report mean for UK oil and gas sector?

Flange facing repair: An on-site machining animation

Offshore Insights: Vertical pipe racking systems by Aker Solutions

Five uses for a flange facing machine

How to repair the common problems of heat exchanger fouling and corrosion

Six major challenges facing the UK oil and gas sector

What does latest licensing round mean for UK Oil & Gas industry?

Shell and tube heat exchanger servicing and repair

Key UK oil, gas and energy statistics 2014

Heat exchanger maintenance: Flange and division plate restoration

A visual guide to becoming a mine engineer [Infographic]

Shale gas and the UK: Are we set for a US-style energy boom?

Infographic: Oil drilling rigs in the gulf sizing guide

A general guide for maintaining your linear milling machine

Insitu machining fault diagnosis for portable milling machines

Infographic: Essential parts & components of an oil drilling rig

Finding the right flange facing machines for your requirements

Subsea Industry Events In February and March 2014

FAQs: Buying a flange facing machine

General maintenance of a portable flange facing machine

Four tips to ensure a high quality flange face surface repair

Wood Mackenzie review hints at challenging year for UK oil and gas sector

Working with Flanges: Identification and Specification

Why invest in a flange facing machine?

What would an increase in hydraulic fracturing mean for the UK?

A Guide to Three Common Types of Flange Faces

Understanding flange facing machines: Internal, External and Compact

On-site machining: Cutting Feed and Speed Calculations

Could Scottish independence affect future investment in North Sea oil and gas?

Portable line boring machines for reducing costly downtime

Four Key Oil and Gas Events in Q1 2014

Top Five Mining Countries in the World and their GDP [Infographic]

Growing your own – assessing whether new toolkit will work for subsea industry

How does mining build communities? [Infographic]

Guide to Flange Face Surface Finish Types

What does the decommissioning boom mean for the Oil and Gas industry?

Industry in Focus: Offshore Wind Energy in the UK

Safer, Cleaner, More Efficient: Mirage Revamps Hot Tapping Machine Range

ADIPEC 2013: Interviews with Oil and Gas CEOs and Senior Executives

ADIPEC 2013 Award Winners

Industry in Focus: Construction in the UK

The Mining Industry's Crisis of Confidence

Industry in Focus: Oil and Gas in the UK

Key Trends in the Global Shipbuilding Industry

Does RSIP contract win point to new wave of ambition in subsea sector?

Infographic: How Natural Gas is Powering America

Preventative maintenance to extend the working life of your hot tapping machine

How to fix the most common hot tapping machine faults

Eight videos showcasing life in and around an oil rig

Fresh investment in equipment and jobs points to acceleration in oil and gas sector growth

Operating a hot tapping machine safely: Site inspection

Seven key elements of hot tapping machine operator compentancy

Is the UK oil & gas industry ready for the decommissioning challenges of the future?

Operating a hot tapping machine safely: PPE

What can the UK oil and gas industry learn from its US counterpart?

Subsea 7 crew take internet by storm with YouTube music video

How to diagnose three common flange facer faults

Three points to consider when assessing natural gas pipeline hot tapping economics

Flange and gasket arrangements: Avoiding leaks 101

Ten reasons your flange facing machine surface finishes are poor

Five weekly maintenance tasks for your flange facing machine

The key takeaways from The Offshore Europe 2013 forum

Introduction to the hot tapping procedure (with video)

Are major subsea oil firms set for a strong period of growth?

The best energy industry infographics in the world

Ten of the best: Offshore oil rig photography

How can machines reduce their own operational downtime?

Portable machine tools: Bringing flexibility to on-site operations

Top five jobs for flange facing machines

Can portable machine tools be tailored to my needs?

Samsung and Subsea: Deep profits expected from future subsea investments

Infographic: Is Australia sitting on the next shale energy boom?

Using portable machines can cut the costs of maintenance

How to manage your subsea umbilicals

Infographic: How watching baseball helps support the oil and gas industry

Money-saving machines: how the construction industry is going green

How hot tapping can expand your pipe network without disrupting your operation

Top ten largest oil and gas companies in the world infographic

What are the benefits of on-site machining?

Renewable energy changes we can expect in 2014

How did the north east of England become a major player in the subsea industry?

Chevron makes a big splash in UK subsea market by letting £550m in contract work

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