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8 free portable machining online resources for the in-situ machinist

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If you are an experienced field machinist, no doubt you'll have your favourite reference books and pocket guides you can turn to when either working on-site, or in the office planning your next project.

A book that contains absolutely everything the on-site machinist needs to know would be a great resource, but this is a big ask and it certainly wouldn't be ‘pocket-sized’.

Fortunately, there's plenty of great engineering resources online and the good news is many of them are completely free. So, to help you get fully equipped with extra information, we've found 6 useful websites you may want to look at and bookmark for later reference.

#1. The A to Z of Metal Machining Terminology   

This resource is can be found on the website belonging to the Institute of Industrial Systems & Engineers. Although quite basic, it may be of some use to the less experienced or apprentice machinist. Entries are listed alphabetically, for example, if you’re looking for a definition of ‘Metal removal rate’, you simply click onto ‘M’ and browse through the listings underneath.



#2. Pipe Flanges

This section on the Wermac website, created by Werner Sölke, contains just about anything you need to know about pipe flanges, from types of pipe flange, flange face finish, bolt tensioning and much more.




#3. Pipe Schedules

Also on the Wermec website and important enough to bookmark separately, are handy tables showing dimensions of nominal pipe sizes up to 48” diameter. Essential when using a flange facing a machine, split frame clamshell cutter, or hot tapping machine



#4. Machining symbols 

This webpage shows machining symbols with a definition of each positioned alongside or underneath. The webpage is free to view but downloading as a pdf requires signup to a free trial.



#5. Metal Terminology Dictionary

We found 2 websites worth a look. This section on the Metalmart website shows a list of alphabetically arranged metal definitions.



#6. Dictionary of Metallurgy

An alternative to the above can be found on the Steelmills website, which works differently by displaying each definition in a pop-up widow.



#7. Machinability of Metals

Machinability is a relative measure to indicate how easily a material can be machined when compared to B 1112 free machining low carbon steel. It takes the normal cutting speed, surface finish and tool life into consideration. Materials with a smaller percentage are harder to machine and those above 100% are easier.



#8. Rogers Machinists Guide

If you like your information presented in an ‘old school’ format, this guide from way back in the early 20th century will be of interest. Although technology has moved leaps and bounds on since it was published in 1913, the underlying principles of engineering remain pretty much the same. This document is now in the public domain which means it can be downloaded for free. The file size is 15MB due to its 671 pages. So its best not to automatically hit the print button!


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