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5 reasons to invest in a portable line boring machine


Photo: LB100 line boring machine

Mirage understands that on-site working conditions can be challenging, which is why our range of portable line boring machines has been designed with ease of use in mind.

Offering the most reliable, durable, efficient and precise portable machines on the market, here's five reasons to invest in a portable line boring machine for your operation.

1 - Multi-functional machine tool

When investing in a new portable machine tool, the expectation is that it has the ability to complete more than one application. Our range of line boring machines can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Excavator bucket pivot bores, remachining for sleeve insertion
  • Transfer gearbox housing reboring
  • Stern tubes
  • Drive shaft housing reboring
  • A-frame supports

Any operator asset that serves more than one purpose is a valuable tool, which certainly makes a line boring machine worth the investment.

2 - On site performance

Mirage's boring machines offer workshop quality tolerances on site, which means costly dismantling and production downtime are reduced.

Precise, lightweight, quick and easy to set-up, the range is perfect for any operator performing applications within a tight deadline.

In the case of the LB3060, this machine's versatile design allows customisation for bespoke operations as well as being compact for ease of use - yet another way Mirage has innovated to meet customer demands.

3 - High specification features

Knowing the machinery you're purchasing has best-in-class features, means you can rely on getting professional results.

The LB100 for example, includes a range of high spec. features allowing it to complete applications for stern tubes, rudder bores, hinge pins, gearboxes and turbines. The LB100 features:

  • Helical drive for high torque transfer to deliver a smooth power delivery
  • Hollow hard chrome precision bar to assist laser alignment
  • Infinitely variable auto feed, capable of cutting all materials
  • Internal and external self-aligning mounts for quick set up

For more information on the LB100, download the free Buyers Guide by clicking here.

4 - Available in various range and power options

The line boring range is available in various operating diameters to suit your operation:

  • LB3060 - 1.5" to 24"
  • LB100 - 6" to 36"
  • LB150 - 16" to 80"

Different power options are essential for customers in challenging locations. Mirage Machines also offers drive power options including, pneumatic and hydraulic. To find out more on the power options available, click here.

5 - Comprehensive tooling packages

In any standard LB3060 package, a Mirage customer will receive their choice of power supply along with a 2 speed feed gearbox, 30mm and 60mm bar single arm mount plate, driver and bore welder platform, 60mm x 8ft boring bar with 12mm tool pockets, tool holders & tools, as well as adjustable boring arms, reaction bars and cutting tools.

Customers can also acquire optional tooling such as facing heads and fast set magnetic arm mounts to complete applications quicker and with more accuracy. A full list of additional tooling available can be viewed here.

Available to rent

Not every operator has the budget to invest in a machine which they may just use once or twice within the year. Mirage offer a rental service to assist those who need the machine on a short term or project basis.

For more information on the whole range from Mirage, download their free Buyers Guide by Clicking Here.

Download our line boring machine buyers guide

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