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5 online resources every hot tapping engineer should use

Every hot tapping engineer should know that safety, accuracy and knowledge are absolutely vital to achieve a successful pipeline application. As well as sticking to the rules and standards of hot tapping, engineers should be using the best machinery, to the exact dimensions.

With so much pressure on engineers to get the application right first time, we’ve highlighted 5 key online resources that could help make the task a little easier.

1 – ASME



The American Society for Engineers is a professional association dedicated to maintain the codes and standards in relevant industries, including those in the pipeline and oil and gas industry. Hot tapping engineers would be aware that mechanical fittings for hot tap procedures require strict standards to meet the operating pressure of the pipeline.

Whilst the design of the fittings needs to meet a range of ASME standards such as ASME B31.1, so too does the fabrication, welding and NDT of the fitting. Engineers will find the ASME website a very useful tool to browse hundreds of standards relative to their job.

2 – Rigzone Calculator



The Rigzone oil and gas conversion calculator is a fantastic online tool to help all engineers complete their applications with maximum accuracy and reliability.

As well as basic conversions for volume, angle and weight calculations, the online tool has the ability to convert measurements specific to gas, fluid, force, drilling and production applications. From measuring liquid viscosity and velocity, to finding out the axial damping coefficient of a drilling project – this tool can pretty much calculate it all.

3 – API



The largest US trade association for the oil and gas industry, the American Petroleum Institute has built up a plethora of guides, industry news and publications on their highly regarded website.

One of their best guides published for engineers is their ‘Safe Hot Tapping Practices in the Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries’ report. It provides vital information on safely conducting hot tap operations on equipment in service in the petroleum industries, as well as review models for engineers to implement into their firm. A great site to find better ways of improving your work accuracy, efficiency and reliability.

4 – Wermac



Wermac is the brain child of petrochemical industry expert Werner Solken, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry. His website explores the world of piping including pipes, flanges, valves, bolts, gaskets, applications and standards too.

For hot tap engineers, he has created a photo gallery dedicated to the application. This includes cross-section and exploded CGIs as well as hot taps insitu for first time engineers to understand the process further.

5 – Mirage Hot Tapping Safety Checklist



Every great engineer needs great machinery, and that is where Mirage excels. Industry leaders in portable machinery, their website offers engineers the product information, technical specifications and images of products insitu, allowing them to choose the best solution for their upcoming project.

To reduce risks and maintain on-site safety, Mirage have also created a Hot Tapping Procedure Safety Checklist that helps assign responsibility for operational safety, ensure all necessary sign-offs have been acquired and gives step-by-step guidance for achieving successful and safe hot taps.

Download our hot tapping safety checklist

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