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5 essential tools for the petrochemicals industry


Utilised throughout the petrochemical industry, Mirage Machines are trusted for their expert design; meeting increasing standards of surface finish and tolerance, as well as an ever decreasing outage and planned shutdown timescales. Although rental of some products has become a popular solution for 'one-off' projects, this can prove expensive compared to directly purchasing the tooling required; an ideal move for operators looking to reduce outgoing costs.

Within the industry the need to have flexible, multi-functional tooling in your roster is key. This allows for a quick response time to any issues and allows the internal engineering team to deal with these effectively. With this in mind, here are 5 essential tools for petrochemicals industry operators and why investment in these tools can improve operations as well as lowering ongoing rental costs.

1 - Flange facing machine

Used to repair journals, heat exchangers and of course face flanges, the machines are patented with 360 deg powered tool post technology making operations easier, and reducing operational risk too.

Available as internally or externally mounted tools in various different sizes, the portable flange facing machines can become a huge asset to an operator with a large asset portfolio.

Capable of working on other applications such as RTJ grooves, Techlock flanges, recessed gaskets and spigots and lens ring joints, Mirage's flange facing machines are available in ranges from 0 - 120", with most powered by air and hydraulic.

For more information on technical specifications of Mirage's flange facing machines, download the buyers guide here.

2 - Hot tapping machine

Mirage hot tapping and line stopping machines offer unparalleled performance with our range carrying some of the most reliable, durable, efficient and precise hot tapping machines on the market. The range of high pressure hot tapping machines have a high working pressure capacity of 5000 p.s.i maximum making them ideal for the most challenging pipeline operations where switching off the supply is not an option.

Used on petrochemical pipelines as well as wellhead maintenance, gas distribution and temporary isolation these machines are surprisingly lightweight yet robust - perfect for using and transporting to other operating locations.

Download the Mirage Machines Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide

3 - Linear milling machine

Mirage linear milling machines offer the best in portable milling machine performance. Our mounting switch magnets offer quick and efficient set up for operators, ensuring ease of use in all operations, while the specialised light weight milling machines and rails mean easier set up and machining.

The range of milling machines provides a solution for all milling requires with both 2-axis and 3-axis milling machines. The whole range can be used on applications such as motor and pump mounting pads, heat exchanger repair shaft keyways and wing spar machining too.

The linear milling machine is available from 0 - 394" including a gantry and mini-mill version.

Download the Mirage Machines Linear Milling Buyers Guide

4 - Drilling machine

Lightweight yet heavy duty, these machines are available with mounting switch magnets which provide a versatile range of applications.

With drilling, tapping and casing pin drilling machines also available, Mirage's range of drilling and tapping tools can be used for flange stud re-threading, short stroke line boring, turbine pill drilling and armour plate drilling too.

Whilst drilling machines range from 0 - 6", Mirage's tapping (0 - 7.25") and casing pin drilling (16 - 36") offer different ranges.

Download the Mirage Machines Drilling and Tapping Machine Buyers Guide

5 - Pipe cutting machine

Pipe cutting and prepping is an essential activity in the petrochemicals industry. Mirage's range of pipe and casing cutting tools can be used for all cutting requirements including tubular severance and caisson cutting.

Capable of efficient cuts and bevel pipes on carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, Incolloy and Super Duplex, the MSF low clearance split frame pipe cutting and bevelling machine has multiple uses across multiple projects.

Free download: Pipe and Casing cutting on-site machining buyer guide

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