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5 bespoke portable machine tools that solved on-site machining problems


bespoke-machines-for-oil-and-gas-industry1.pngDespite the vast array of on-site portable machine tools now available for service companies and plant maintenance engineers, new projects can throw up some unique and unexpected challenges where only a purpose designed product can solve the problem. The Mirage in-house design team has come to the rescue of many of these customers and here’s 5 examples of machines specially developed to solve some very specific and difficult problems.

Deck Plate Milling Machine


Problem: An engineering services company needed a versatile and agile 3 axis milling machine. One that was easy to set up in areas with restricted space and be easily repositioned for different tasks.

The solution: The Mirage team developed a deck plate milling machine which can be easily re-locate to any work piece which accepts its working envelope of 700 x 400mm. The resulting machine incorporates castors for easy positioning and clamps to the work piece or job specific jigs using manually adjusted magnets.


Casing Threading Machine


Problem: To enable an onshore wellhead to be refurbishment, our customer based in Kuwait needed a 9-5/8” casing cutting and extending by re-threading it in situ. The casing required a tapered buttress thread with Api profile.

Solution: A machine was designed that clamped around the casing and centralised, allowing quick setup true to the casing outside diameter. To give the correct thread pitch, the machine used a drive and taper turning & threading attachment which was directly geared. The threading attachment was then engaged to create the buttress thread form with the correct pitch.


CNC Gantry Milling Machine


Problem: Our client in the nuclear industry needed to machine potentially contaminated materials. The project included multiple machining applications using a single machine within an environment that excluded any access to the machine. The proposed machine had to be capable of providing pocket milling, drilling and tapping within an area of 1.0m x 3.0m.

The solution: A Mirage gantry milling machine with was used, with the additions of a CNC controller, automatic tool changing and a linear multiple tool rack. The machine was also adapted to use DC motors, with pneumatics only being used for the tool changing actuators. This was to minimise airborne complications as it was a controlled area.


Turbine Blade Refurbishment


Problem: A customer in the power generation sector wanted to carry out a turbine refurbishment and needed a tool to drill out the turbine blade retainer pins.

The solution: Mirage developed a bespoke pin drilling machine which eliminated the need to use pistol drills and reduced amount of drilling tooling used. The new pin drill reduced refurbishment times by 6 hours and improved accuracy with the capability of creating a reamed finish 0.4 Ra.


Belt Grinding Machine


Problem: Our customer, a mining and materials processing company had a requirement to machine large diameter kiln support rollers.

The solution: The design team developed a hydraulically operated heavy duty belt grinding machine that incorporated a precision linear slide with a 1m stroke, out of round compensating rollers and a belt grinding head capable of heavy metal removal or fine polishing. Also included was the option fast mount magnets and automatic cross feed.

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