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3 essential tools every oil and gas decommissioning project must include


Decommissioning is now a key part of the oil and gas industry. Whilst costs continue to rise to plug and abandon platform wells, the pressure across the whole industry to complete the applications as quickly and cheaply as possible is being felt.

Whilst many operators will look towards cutting people and processes to keep costs low, few will think about their tooling and how portable machinery could significantly save money and time – helping to reach those bottom line objectives.

Whilst making savings is key, ensuring any new machinery meets the same quality and produces the same outcome is just as important. For your next oil and gas decommissioning project, here’s 3 tools to consider that can help reduce costs and maintain the same amount of quality.

Diamond wire saw

6” – 84”

The Mirage Diamond Wire Saw (MDWS) is designed for underwater cutting on multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellhead. The diamond wire cut is ideal for quick cutting through dissimilar materials and resisting compressive forces.

MDWS is an abrasive cutting technology that is extremely effective in different subsea environments. The wire cutter allows circular cutting on all sides, preventing the wire from getting pinched on materials that would otherwise damage lathe and mill type tooling. Customized saws are available by special order.

Casing drill

16” – 36”

A casing drilling unit for creating all lift pin holes in a single operation. Used in conjunction with the band saw to provide a very efficient method of cutting and decommissioning pipeline, conductors, caissons and multiple grouted strings.

Available for subsea operations too, the casing drill features a helical drive spindle for 4”, 6”, 10” and 12” cutters. Whilst the tool comes with the 4” cutter as standard, more bespoke cutters are available for your applications.

Portable band saw

16” – 48”

A portable band saw used for all tubular severing, especially for cutting conductors, caissons and multiple grouted strings of various sizes in either surface or subsea applications.

Mirage has three different band saw ranges to suit your requirements. This includes the BS1636 that can work between 16” – 36”, the BS3248 (32” – 48”) and the BS924 (9” – 24”). All have a low cost set-up due to their fast clamping and area available to use alongside an ROV operation.

New decommissioning guide

With over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, Mirage has built and worked with operators to create portable machines that are reliable, safe and reduce the costs associated with decommissioning and downtime.

In their new eBook, The Decommissioning Tooling Buyer’s Guide, Mirage features the best portable machines for all decom applications, as well as case studies of projects that the company has worked on.

Get your free copy of the Mirage Decommissioning Tooling Buyer’s Guide today.

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