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10 of the world's weirdest machines and gadgets


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A new year is often a time people take stock and consider how the world has changed over the past few decades.

With this in mind, we've taken a break from our usual blog topics that cover subjects such as flange facing,hot tapping machines, line boring (and many others), to bring you something a little more light hearted. This time we take a historic look at some of the worlds weirdest machines and gadgets invented.

The first one (pictured above) is the 'one wheel motorcycle'. Today, monowheel vehicles are mostly built for entertainment purposes. But from the 1860s to the 1930s, unbelieveably they were proposed as a 'serious' means of transportation and a quick Google image search for 'monowheel vehicles' shows that this idea isn't going away just yet.

amphibous cycle.jpg

The Amphibious Bicycle

This dates back to Paris in1932 and uses a tricycle frame to support 3 main floating balls, providing both the floatation and the thrust. The fins on the 3 balls are intended to provide propulsion in a similar way to a paddle wheel.


multi terrain vehicle.jpg

Multi Terrain Vehicle

Why settle for a 4 wheel quad bike or a tractor when you can have a 10 wheel multi-terrain vehicle?


extendable caravan.jpg

Extendable Caravan

For times when those unexpected extra friends and family want to join you on holiday.


folding emergency bridge.jpg

Folding Emergency Bridge

Most of us wouldn't have any need for this design, but these people from the Netherlands in 1926 seem fairly impressed.


radio pram.jpg

Radio Pram

From the days before bluetooth speakers, here's an alternative way to get your baby off to sleep.


angled water wheel.jpg

Angled Water Wheel

A lot of effort has gone into illustrating this angled water wheel. But was it really worth it?


radio hat.jpg

Radio Hat

An early attempt at a portable radio. A little more cumbersome than the current baseball cap equivalents available today.


piano for the bedridden.jpg

Bed Piano

For the bedridden (or downright lazy) musician.

reading in bed.jpg

Bed Reading Glasses

Continuing the bed theme...if you give up on learning the piano, you could always try reading with a pair of these bed reading glasses.

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 Images source: Flickr (by Nationaal Archief

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