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10 best Twitter accounts to follow for oilfield workers

3939487692_0486e3e87e_zHow do you keep up to date with the latest trends within the oil and gas industry? If you're on Twitter, you could start by following these accounts and making sure you are subscribed to the latest trends in the oil and gas industry.


As the go to source for oil and ga sindustry news for many people, it isn't a surprise to see Rigzone listed on here. Lots of news and articles featured on here taking you straight to the information you need. Not much in the way of multimedia though.


Platts is a reliable source of industry news and comment covering oil, gas and energy markets. The regularl podcast provides expert analysis and insight into the latest happenings within the industry.

Offshore Terminology

Keeping up with the ever increasing lexicon of theoil and gas industry can be a challenge. New jargon seems to come on-board every few weeeks which is why it pays off to follow Offshore Terminology. They understand what it's like offshore and have a sense of humour too.

Oil and Gas News

Oil and Gas IQ has a range of industry reports available for download on the website. Their news stream is worth following too.

Oil & Gas Financial Journal

With a focus more on the investment side of the industry, OGFJ provides the information you need to "follow the money" within the industry.

GE Oil & Gas

As one of the biggest players in the field, GE Oil and Gas provides interest insights in the technological developments within the industry as well as providing good career advice for aspiring oil and gas engineers.

Pipeline Magazine

Pipeline Magazine delivers latest Oil, Gas and Energy news from Middle East and across the globe. Follow their twitter account to find their latest articles, features and blog posts.

Engineered Design Insider Magazine

EDI Weekly covers more than just developments in the oil and gas industry although it regularly covers advances and insights in oil and gas technology. 


The oilfield industry's trusted source for current and historical rig data, including: rig count, drilling permits, drilling activity, and drilling rig locator.

Mirage Machines

When it comes to on-site machining for field service engineers, you can't get much better than following Mirage Machines. We work hard to give you great coverage of all things related to portable machine tools.


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