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Petrochemicals glossary for on-site machinists

Having the necessary skills and portable machine tools to carry out on-site machining successfully can open-up interesting and rewarding opportunities in many different industry sectors. But if you’re planning to work at a petrochemicals plant for the

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The internet has transformed the way people choose products and make their enquiry - and industrial markets are no exception to this.  What’s different today is that you can now do much of the initial research yourself, before reaching out to a

8 essential flange tools for pipeline engineers

In the oil & gas, petrochemicals and power generation industries, a huge amount of work revolves around flanges used to connect sections of pipe, pumps and valves. This work may be during the construction of a new petrochemical or oil and gas plant,

End Mills: 10 reasons why they can fail

No matter how accurate and robust your milling machine is, if you fail to make the right decisions before you start machining you'll run the risk of creating poor results, tool breakage and injury.  Remember that each type of metal has very different

Oil and Gas Terms

If you’re a machinist who's planning to work on projects in the oil and gas industry then you should prepare yourself to hear an array of confusing industry jargon and acronyms. If you already know what a 'Big Bear’.  ‘Blow out Preventer’ and a

How Flange Rating Works

A common question often asked by people new to the piping industry is "how does flange rating work?"

Here is a brief explanation:

With so much at stake, it’s vital that flanges in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries can withstand the

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