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Line Boring Machine FAQs

Posted by Alan Hillier on May 15, 2018 11:31:00 AM


Line boring machine manufacturers usually explain the features of their products pretty clearly on their websites. But many fall short of the mark when it comes to offering guidance on how to choose the right machine for their specific needs.

To help those of you looking for a portable line boring machine, we asked our technical sales team to tell us the most frequently asked questions received from on-site machinists who are contemplating machine hire or purchase.

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2 examples of on-site applications for Mirage Flange Facing Machines

Posted by Alan Hillier on May 10, 2018 4:01:00 PM


Since we started this blog back in 2013 we've covered many different topics, including,  industry news, machine specifications, infographics, machining tips and much more. Wherever possible, we've tried to include bespoke projects and real life applications and these have been well received,

When it comes to flange facing projects, these are usually simple 'quick-fix' tasks, which on their own, haven't warranted the creation of 'in-depth' articles. Our flange facers are so easy to set up and operate, which means there's not a great deal of scope for detailed case studies. So how can we demonstrate they perform to expectations out in the field? 

Here's two very simple real life applications where Mirage Flange Facing Machines were used to repair damaged flanges within a tight timescale. 

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How to machine tapered journals in-situ

Posted by Alan Hillier on May 1, 2018 9:04:00 AM


Ball mills and rotary kilns used in the mining industry consist of a hollow cylindrical shell rotating about its axis, with a large trunnion at each end for supporting the shell and its contents.

Considering the stresses involved, it comes as no surprise that the journal diameters on these trunnions eventually get worn, making the mill or kiln less effective or inoperable. To solve this problem, Mirage developed the SRB3000, which can re-machine worn journals in-situ in the vertical orientation, or in horizontally in a workshop environment.

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Infographic: Components of a portable drilling machine

Posted by Alan Hillier on Apr 25, 2018 11:15:00 AM


The technology used in portable drilling machines is relatively straightforward. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to choose one carefully. If you understand how they’re built and what each component does, you’ll be in good shape to choose an appropriate machine that will give you many years of trouble free use across a diverse range of projects.

With this in mind, we’ve created an infographic guide to the Mirage HT50 drill, which is a heavy duty, high torque portable drilling machine used for general on-site metal drilling projects. Take a look at our infographic to discover how it works.

For a quick snapshot take a look the image below, or download in PDF format. Click here to download the diagram in PDF format.

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6 major considerations before buying a line boring machine

Posted by Alan Hillier on Apr 19, 2018 12:17:00 PM


Regardless of the industry sector, if a company’s equipment has moving parts, there’s a good chance there’s bores that must be in line for the equipment to operate properly. Even when industrial equipment is maintained properly, bores will eventually wear out from years of operation. Maintenance of this type is carried out by in-situ machining service companies, or by in-house engineers in larger companies.

So how should an on-site service company decide upon the equipment needed to fix their customer’s problems? - In this article we look at the important decisions needed before you commit to the purchase of your next line boring machine.

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