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Heat Exchanger Refurbishment: Photo Gallery

Heat exchangers play a key role in power generation and the oil and gas industry and therefore need to be kept in optimum condition.

There are two key areas which are subject to corrosion and if these leak then the efficiency of the exchanger is

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machines: Key Questions Before You Buy

There are plenty of companies offering pipe cutting and bevelling machines (aka clamshell cutters), so finding a supplier shouldn’t be a problem. But for many small service companies, buying or renting a pipe cutting and beveling machine may be a big

Offshore Decommissioning Glossary

Offshore decommissioning is set to soar and there’s many different applications where Mirage decommissioning tools can be used to dismantle offshore structures effectively.

Before you even start to think about decommissioning tools and equipment, for

MHT machines and the hot tapping process

The MHT range of hot tapping machines is a tried and tested series of products used for medium pressure pipeline projects. In this article we give you an insight into the products, their features and benefits, along with applications and benefits. But

Petrochemicals glossary for on-site machinists

Having the necessary skills and portable machine tools to carry out on-site machining successfully can open-up interesting and rewarding opportunities in many different industry sectors. But if you’re planning to work at a petrochemicals plant for the

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The internet has transformed the way people choose products and make their enquiry - and industrial markets are no exception to this.  What’s different today is that you can now do much of the initial research yourself, before reaching out to a

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