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End Mills: 10 reasons why they can fail

No matter how accurate and robust your milling machine is, if you fail to make the right decisions before you start machining you'll run the risk of creating poor results, tool breakage and injury.  Remember that each type of metal has very different

Oil and Gas Terms

If you’re a machinist who's planning to work on projects in the oil and gas industry then you should prepare yourself to hear an array of confusing industry jargon and acronyms. If you already know what a 'Big Bear’.  ‘Blow out Preventer’ and a

How Flange Rating Works

A common question often asked by people new to the piping industry is "how does flange rating work?"

Here is a brief explanation:

With so much at stake, it’s vital that flanges in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries can withstand the

Pipe Diameters: A Simple Guide to Sizing and Schedules

If you are new to the world of in-situ machining one of the essential things you must learn is how pipe sizing works.

There’s not a huge amount to remember, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the terminology and the underlying methods behind

Clamshell Cutter: Photo Gallery

Despite the best efforts of marketing departments within engineering companies, many of us simply don’t have the time to read every single word of each technical article that catches our eye.

But when it comes to photographs it’s a completely

Key considerations when choosing a line boring machine

The task of selecting a line boring machine for in-situ machining projects requires careful thought and consideration. Even for an experienced field machinist the number of options and modules available can seem overwhelming.

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