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The essentials of flange facing machine maintenance

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 20, 2017 4:23:38 PM

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If looked after correctly, your Mirage The flange facing machine will provide years of trouble free use, with accurate and consistent results produced every time. Although Mirage flange facers are considered by many as the most robust flange facers available, as with any machine incorporating moving parts, some simple and essential maintenance is needed to keep things running smoothly.

So what are the typical maintenance tasks you should to carry out?

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How to set up a line boring machine

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 15, 2017 11:46:14 AM


The set-up procedure for a line borer will vary, depending upon type of job, the size of the work piece and the machine’s manufacturer, but the fundamentals are pretty much the same. To give you an idea, we’ve summarised the set-up procedure of a Mirage Line Boring Machine assuming it’s to be used on a typical project such as a cantilever crane boom. 


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The top 10 countries boosting wind power capacity

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 7, 2017 2:11:15 PM



According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) the total world power generation capacity for the sector is now fast approaching 500GW.

The recent surge in installation is illustrated by the statistic that 241GW (nearly half of the world’s capacity), has been commissioned within the past five years.

Recently, the Paris Agreement was officially ratified by the 55 countries, confirming a global push to reduce global warming over the next century.  Wind power is going to play a huge part in achieving this goal, which will bring plenty of opportunities for wind turbine manufacturers and equipment suppliers such as Mirage Machines. 

Mirage has provided orbital milling machines, used for wind turbine blades and towers for many years. (Full technical specifications can be found in the orbital milling buyers guide download and on the Mirage Machines website).

You can watch videos of the machines in action by clicking on the button below.


Although slightly down on the previous year, 2016 was a strong year for the wind power sector, with just under 55GW of new capacity installed worldwide. 

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So which countries were the busiest in 2016 and what is their total capacity?

Using data from a recently published GWEC report, we’re able to bring you a summary of information in a simple read infographic format. For a quick snapshot view the image below, or for a clearer and closer look we recommend you click here to download the illustration in Pdf format.

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Hot Tapping Machines: The Key Components

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 2, 2017 2:54:19 PM


If you're interested in finding out how hot tapping machines are constructed and learning what each component does, we've designed an infographic to help you understand the basics. This example explains the workings the Mirage MHT3-12 Hot Tapping Machine which is designed for low and medium pressure pipeline projects.

For a quick snapshot you can view the image below, but for a clearer and closer look we recommend you click here to download the illustration in Pdf format.

For full technical specifications of our full range of hot tapping machines we recommend you download our Buyers Guide.

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7 construction and mining plant problems solved by in-situ machining products

Posted by Alan Hillier on Feb 21, 2017 11:45:19 AM


In previous articles we’ve covered many industry sectors, including power generation, petrochemicals, wind power, oil and gas. This time we focus on construction and mining and explain how on-site machines can be used to fix problems with heavy plant equipment.

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