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OD Mount Flange Facer. A visual guide to the key components

Posted by Alan Hillier on Feb 14, 2017 9:01:26 AM


If you're interested in finding out how flange facers are constructed and learning what each component does, we've designed an infographic to help you understand the basics. This example explains the workings the Mirage MM300e which is an external mount flange facer.

For a quick snapshot you can view the image below, but for a clearer and closer look we recommend you click here to download the illustration in Pdf format.

For full technical specifications of our full range of flanger facer machines we recommend you download our Buyers Guide.

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How to align a portable gantry milling machine

Posted by Alan Hillier on Feb 8, 2017 1:34:36 PM


A few weeks back, we published an overview of portable gantry milling machines that explained the main machine components and the different types of milling rail available.

This time we go a stage further and explain the fundamentals of setting your machine up with laser alignment.

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Video round-up: clamshell cutter and diamond wire saw

Posted by Alan Hillier on Feb 1, 2017 11:50:41 AM


See which machines are used for cutting through large pipes and heavy wall casings in the oil and gas industry. For your convenience, this page brings together videos of machines suitable for pipe cutting, weld preparation, casing cutting and more in one handy place. Why not take a look and bookmark this page for later reference?

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Topics: pipeline decommissioning, clam shell cutters, casing cutting

16 petrochemical on-site projects and the field machining equipment needed

Posted by Alan Hillier on Jan 24, 2017 10:21:48 AM


During their career, the more experienced field machinist will come across many different projects across a variety of industries, but for those new to in-situ machining, having a clear idea of what type of projects are likely to crop up from the petrochemicals sector will give you the confidence to demonstrate your knowledge when the opportunity arises.

With this in mind we’ve put together a list of field machining equipment for some of the more common petrochemical onsite machining projects.

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How to machine an ASME B16.5 flange finish

Posted by Alan Hillier on Jan 18, 2017 11:00:47 AM


Finding information on the correct ASME specifications for flange surface finishes is easy enough, but how do you actually machine the correct flange surface finish you need?

The principle of surface finishes for flanges facing is easy enough to understand and is simply determined by the depth of cut, the feed rate and the nose profile of the cutting tool.

Let’s assume you want to create a stock finish on a raised face flange that’s positioned in a vertical orientation.

To do this you will need a flange facing machine, which are available as internal and external mount versions and in a number of different sizes. In most situations a pneumatically powered machine will be the most appropriate option, but hydraulically powered versions are available too.

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